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QuickSilver Exhausts


QuickSilver has been a recognised maker of original and performance exhausts for the world’s finest classic and prestige sports cars since 1973. QuickSilver has always manufactured its standard systems to duplicate the original as closely as possible, using the same thickness of material, the same mountings and the same internal silencer designs to ensure the correct appearance, performance and sound.

QuickSilver exhausts are manufactured in stainless steel, or in some cases titanium, thus ensuring that the system will be corrosion-free for 25 years. Not only does this in itself make a QuickSilver system a cost effective solution, but QuickSilver systems are invariably cheaper than manufacturers’ original equipment exhausts.

QuickSilver has produced exhaust systems for just about every road and competition Aston Martin produced since the 1950s. From the DB3S to the DBRS9, this tradition continues with a growing number of Aston Martin N24s running with QuickSilver exhausts in various European Championships. For classic models originality is important, for newer models performance is the key, while light weight is vital for racing cars.

QuickSilver exhausts are available for almost all Aston Martins including the DB7, DB7 Vantage, Vanquish, Vanquish S, DB9, DBS and both V8 and V12 Vantages, and they are available either here from our online store or by contacting Nicholas Mee & Co direct for both supply and fitment.

QuickSilver is the definitive exhaust solution for Aston Martin. 

We are delighted to act as QuickSilver's London distributor and would be pleased to assist you with your enquiry. Please contact us if your particular model of Aston Martin is not listed here.

DB2 DB2 (6)
DB4/DB5/DB6 DB4/DB5/DB6 (5)
DBS - 6 Vantage DBS - 6 Vantage (1)
DBS - V8 DBS - V8 (1)
V8 V8 (5)
DB7 DB7 (6)
Vanquish Vanquish (3)
DB9 DB9 (4)
V8/V12 Vantage V8/V12 Vantage (20)
Cygnet Cygnet (1)
Rapide Rapide (2)
Virage Virage (4)
If you cannot find the Aston Martin part or accessory that you are looking for, please contact us at parts@nicholasmee.co.uk.