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Twin system  - 1957-59
Twin system  - 1957-59
Twin system  - 1957-59
Twin system  - 1957-59
Twin system  - 1957-59
Twin system  - 1957-59

Twin system - 1957-59

Ref. Code: AS003

1957-59. Model: DB Mk3

£1,058.40 inc. VAT

DB Mk3 - 1957-59 - Increased fun, reduced weight, more efficient flow, better throttle response and improved heat dissipation all combine to improve real driving performance. Sound is truly a matter of personal taste so we categorise our sound options to help distinguish the right exhaust for you.QuickSilver Titan Collection - Ultimate Technology Our bespoke service where we strive to engineer the ultimate Exhaust systems. Using all the advantages of our modern ‘Sport’ range we also examine ways to maximise performance i.e. reducing weight to a minimum using alternative materials such as thin-gauge stainless steel (.9mm), Titanium or Inconel in .7 or .9mm thickness. Some systems we combine these materials to achieve the correct balance of strength, lightness and durability. QuickSilver Heritage Exhausts - Built to Last a Lifetime With an indefinite life span and 25 Year Corrosion Guarantee most QuickSilver systems can outlast the car. Adherence to original design - to ensure the correct performance, appearance and sound.Sport Rear Section For the car used everyday & long journeys, refined yet sporty when required.SuperSport Rear Section Suited for the driver who enjoys his car mainly on the weekend or just for fun.SuperSport Plus Rear Section For the enthusiast who wants to optimise the experience, a robust ‘race car’ sound.Titan Sport Rear Section Made using ultra light Titanium and saving up to 30 Kilos in weight. Available in all the above sound options.2nd Cat Pipes Replaces the OEM cats offering the driver Improved performance and an enhanced sports sound while reducing weight.Race Cats A sound which is closer to the GT4, offering a crisper, sharper crackle that cuts and re-forms up and down through the gears.Manifolds & Race Cats Delivering an improvement of approx. 40BHP (see the performance data graphs). This package is for the serious enthusiast.

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